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SKANS hostels are established with the aims to provide students (particularly SKANS students) a comfortable, safe place and excellent environment to study.

The management is committed to makes a sincere endeavor to provide students all the needed facilities and comforts. Below are stated the major rules and procedures for the guidance of students as well other stakeholders:

Allotment of Hostel Accommodation

Students are required to apply on prescribed form (available in SKANS Campuses and on website). A student can apply on line or by submitting a hardcopy to the hostel management or to any of the SKANS campuses. Hostel accommodation will be allotted subject to the availability of rooms.


It is the sole discretion of hostel management to turn down the application due to any other reason as well.

At the same time a hostel resident will be asked to vacate if he or she is found guilty of a violation to the hostel rules or to the country laws.


For details please refer schedule A

Hostel Dues and Fines

For details please refer schedule B

Attendance and hostel timings

Hostel main door will be closed at 9:00 pm till 7:00 am. No exception will be observed. Similarly if a student wish to visit his family within the city or outside and will not be available over night in hostel must inform to the hostel management in writing. All absentees from the hostel will immediately be informed to the parents/guardians.

Duration of students stay in Hostel

A student (hostel resident) will put his request for duration of his stay in the accommodation application form. A resident must give one month written notice in-advance in case of vacation or else he/she will be subject to a penalty equal to one month rent.


Guests of hostel residents will be allowed subject to the permission of Hostel Manager. Once a guest is allowed he/she will be subject to all rules and discipline of hostel as applicable to a permanent resident of the hostel.

Note: No over-night stay will be allowed.

Electric appliances

For details please refer schedule C

Pets and animals are not allowed in the hostel

Cleanliness and Cordial relationship

It is expected from all residents to maintain a tidy and clean environment within the rooms and outside areas in the facility at all times. Noise or other act which may disturb other students in their studies should be avoided. It is also expected that you will maintain a cordial relationship with other students, residents and hostel management.

Eating in rooms

Hostel residents will not allowed to eat or keep cooked or hot meal inside the rooms.

Meal detail and timings

For details please refer schedule D

Damage to Property

A student found guilty of damaging or breaking items of hostel/mess will be made to pay the cost of the items in addition to the fine/penalty. In addition he/she will be subject to any other disciplinary action hostel management finds fit.

TV Timings

For details please refer schedule E


Smoking inside rooms is completely forbidden; a violation may lead to expelling from the facility. However, a specific place will be designated by the management as smoking zone.

Unlawful Activity

As define in various Laws of the Country.


Hostel Management reserve the right to inspect the rooms and other areas of the hostel facility at any time with or without prior notice.

A monthly report to Parents/Guardian

A monthly report will be sent to the student parents/guardian. For specimen of report please refer schedule E

Items totally banned

Fire arms and daggers etc.

Alcohols, Toxic drugs, sheesha, gutkha and hashish/heroin etc.

Crackers, explosives and ammunition etc.

Objectionable material like videos, books or photographs.

Certificate as given below duly signed by the student and countersigned by the father / mother/guardian is required to be submitted by the student to the Hostel management at the time of joining of hostel.

The SKANS hostel management reserves the right to amend these rules as and when required.