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Admission Requirements


  • An Applicant should fulfill the admission inquiry form at the front desk.
  • After giving information student may register after paying Rs.6000/- Registration fee (fee challan must be submitted in time otherwise a fine of Rs. 500/- per day would be charged after the due date.
  • Issue student id and password for Student Portal.
  • Advise to students to upload the students’ following documents:
    • Intermediate Certificate Copy
    • Graduation Certificate Copy
    • A-level Documents
    • ID Card Copy
    • Form B Copy
    • 1 Photo graph
  • Also advise to the students to review SKANS policies which are available on student portal. (students and parents)
  • After receiving ICAP registration number (CRN no.) students have to upload it on their portal.
  • Timely information regarding leave should be sent through student portal.
  • Timely information (as announced by SKANS management) regarding following:
    • Intermediate Certificate Copy
    • Freeze requests
    • Drop requests
    • Transfer requests
    • Delete requests
    • Paper Opt requests
  • No application/request will be entertained by the SKANS management if it is submitted late or after the due date as announced by the SKANS management.
  • Student must be in touch with the following source.
    • Students notice board on the portal
    • SKANS Alert SMS.
    • SKANS facebook official page.
    • Parents/Guardian contact number should be provided at the time of the admission with assurance that those contact numbers will not be converted.

In case of any discrepancy timely communication from the parents/guardians and students is required.

No Fee shall be refunded.


That need based discount shall be available to the deserving students only after the assessment and final decision of the Management Committee.

That merit based Scholarship/ Discount of 20% of Tuition fee to the Students shall be awarded on achieving overall 90% attendance and obtaining 80% marks in all Monthly Tests.

That Scholarships/discount shall be awarded to those students who achieve gold medal, merit certificate or show outstanding academic performance as per the decision of the Management Committee.

FDO [Front Desk Officers] refers to the person who is dealing with the inquiries/admissions, normally the “coordinators”, “career advisors” or any such person who is assigned by the head of the campus.

FDO are not allowed to give any discount or installment to any student. Their focus should be to provide best and maximum information and guidance about the ACCA and SKANS school experience and facilities with the ultimate goal to admit the student.

In special cases, a discount of Rs. 2,000 may be given by the Campus Head (Principal/Vice Principal). FDO are not allowed to discuss and give this discount themselves. They can consult the matter with the Campus Head (Principal/Vice Principal) and act on his/her advice.

The discount is offered on tuition fee only.

It is the responsibility of the FDO to get a signature of the Campus Head (Principal/Vice Principal) on every admission form. (Both new and continuing admissions)

In order to get a Discount of more than Rs. 2,000, a written approval of CEO/Directors required. The Campus Head (Principal/Vice Principal) can refer/recommend the case to the CEO/Directors in this regard if he so deem fit.

No installments will be approved or allowed by FDO. Campus Head (Principal/Vice Principal)is authorized to approve one installment and CEO/Directors is authorized to approve more than one installments. No instalment is allowed beyond 90 days from the date of admission.

Special 50% discount will be given to the students whose father, mother, brother or sister is working at SKANS, IITM, SJS or IIUI Schools. This is subject to the approval of the CEO/Director.

No discount will be given to the student whose cousin is working at SKANS, IITM, SJS, IIUI Schools.

The accounts department will not entertain any admission form if it is not signed by the Campus Head (Principal/Vice Principal).

Note: For any assistance or case not discussed in the above points, the FDO can discuss the matter with the Campus Head (Principal/Vice Principal)

General Policy

  • That student Appear in TOTs and attendance in classes is mandatory for all students. In case of consecutive failure of student he/she will not be allowed to sit in the class unless pass warning test.
  • That the Student Progress Report will be sent to the parents monthly.
  • That Students affairs/disciplinary issues shall be strictly dealt by Disciplinary Committee.
  • That if any student involved in unethical activities, will be dealt by disciplinary Committee and committee can take any action including even expelled from school.
  • That Any student involved damaging the school property will be held responsible to make the loss good and further necessary action may be taken against him by disciplinary committee in case of serious breach/damage.
  • That the school timing is from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and the class time table will be scheduled within the school timing.
  • That Student is not allowed to bring any relatives or friends in the school premises without prior permission of school authorities.
  • That the students shall be liable to provide responsible guardian'S name, present and permanent address and telephone number to communicate with regarding the student's activities, the school will not be liable to parents in case of incorrect address.
  • That Formal dress shall be observed positively.
  • That smoking in side School premises is strictly prohibited.
  • That any form of eatable/drinks is not allowed in class in case of breach disciplinary committee can impose fine to the extent of 1000 Rs.
  • That display of student 1D Card during school timings and in the class is mandatory for all students in case of breach disciplinary committee can impose fine to the extent of Rs.1 000 or any other punishment.
  • That student will treat all SKANS staff and fellow students, agents or others with respect.
  • That MisbehaviorlUnethical behavior with the teacher or with any class fellow in the class or school will be dealt strictly and disciplinary action will be taken against such case.

Subject Transfer Policy

If any student applies for transfer of a subject - a counseling form should be issued and relevant teacher must be visited three times.

If the relevant teacher does not satisfy the student, batch should be transferred with prior approval of the Principal and the Teacher.

If a transfer is requested by the student after one week, it would be entertained with submission of transfer fee of Rs. 5000/- along with the counseling form.

Freeze/Drop Policy

Students have to submit freeze application through students’ portal within one week (seven working days) after commencement of classes without paying any fee subject to prior approval of the Principal.

All others Freeze applicants must pay full fee before submitting freeze application requests.

If any student submits a subject and deletes the application the same rule will be applicable.

If any student approaches the management regarding freeze request after due date, a deduction of 35% will be made from his dues.

If any student decides to drop any of his chosen subjects after CAF result, a 35% amount will be deducted from the total paid fee.

If any student submits an application for transfer of a subject(s) within one week (seven working days) from the start of classes, no deduction will be made subject to approval of the Principal.

Visitors and Students Card Policy

All students should display their Student Cards issued by the management while they enter and when they are inside the premises.

Outsiders/Visitors shall not be allowed on the teaching floors and on the roof.

Visitors should not be allowed in the front office for more than half an hour.

No visitors shall be permitted to sit anywhere in the campus i.e. Library, computer labs, classes etc.

If any student loses his/her student card, a fine of Rs.100 should be charged by the management.

At the time of the admission a visitor should be served tea or juice (cross reconciliation should be made with the visitor report).


  • As a registered student of AFC in SKANS School of Accountancy he will submit full Fee (tuition and registration fee) at the time of admission.
  • That as a registered of student of CAF shall submit fee accordingly as under:
    • Full tuition fee before the commencement of regular classes.
    • Full tuition fee will be paid by student if he joins regular class late either after result or any other reasons.
    • That the Financial Assistance will not be refundable but will be adjusted in the college tuition fee.
    • That If a student drop any subject because of any reason, thirty five (35 %) of tuition fee should be deducted and remaining fee will not be refunded but freezed and can be used for the next session.


By enrolling in skans, I hereby acknowledge and follow all the rules and regulations set by skans management.

  • Portal user name and Password has been assigned to me.
  • Use of Student Portal on regular basis.
  • We will formally keep follow-up with the management.
  • We will formally communicate Skan’s Management in case of any extra curricular activity to be held in the class or inside the premises of SKANS.
  • Documentation with the ICAP should be done in time or before due date as announced by the ICAP or SKANS.
  • Login Procedure:
    • User name _____
    • Password ______
    • For online CBE home practice if there is any query regarding login troubleshooting or else, please submit your online request to our IT support department or communicate with us directly. (Riphah University)

80% attendance is compulsory in all semesters.

Mid-Term exams of SKANS are compulsory.

Final-Term exam will be conducted in the month of January and June (tentative) of every year in Islamabad Campus.

First semester will not be freeze.

Fee will not be refunded in any case.

If any student drops CA but decides to continue he/she has to attend regular classes of All CA subjects in SKANS.

SKANS will prepare, conduct and check the papers and Riphah University will announce the result.

Failure in ICAP exam will not affect the result.

Inside/Outside Campus Activity Policy

Any request for event(s) like birthday celebration should be channelized through the course coordinator.

Names of the participants should be provided.

Event must be carried after schedule classes.

Two persons of management team must attend the celebration party.

In case of any damage or loss to the SKANS’ property, a 100% damage paid should be paid by the participants or organizer.

Study calendar should be sent to all HODs before the start of the session.

A reminder should be sent before ten days to the HODs regarding activity as mentioned in the study calendar.

All collective events like annual function, Expo or Students’ Trip should be organized on the following basis.

Member of organizing team must be:

A senior student.

Who have over 80% class attendance.

Must have passed all class tests and

Has also qualified for the ICAP exam in one go.

Class Attendance Policy

Students are expected not only to be regular in their class but also they must observe punctuality as well. This is one of the keys of success in professional examinations. The school regards it an important factor and monitors student attendance rigorously.

Following steps are to be adhered with regards to student attendance:

Students are required to submit a leave application. Leave without application is disallowed and the school management will have the right to inform your parents/guardian about such leave.

If a student’s remains absent for consecutive three days or beyond a specified percentage (predefined by the management but may vary from campus to campus), the School will call the student’s residence to inquire about the reason of leaves. In case of further consecutive leaves, the School shall strike off the student’s name from college roll and disable entry into the School.

In case of disciplinary action, a student’s tuition fee is non-refundable and if you wish to continue studies, you shall be required to deposit re-admission fee to the college and submit an undertaking of regularity in future.

Should you wish to cover a missed lecture, please talk to your lecturer or Coordinator for makeup class or you may see one of the teacher assistants during school hours. In case of UN approved leave the teacher is not responsible to conduct separate tutorial for absent student.

The Course Coordinator or an officer authorized, is empowered to remove your name from class attendance if, he/she believes that you have displayed a falsified behavior and also we reserve the right to report to the professional body.


Whether or not your parents finance you, it is extremely important that you must care for your attendance in each class you have enrolled for.

You must ensure that your name is called in the class, as once the class concludes you will not be able to get it marked, unless agreed upon and approved by your lecturer. If your name is not included, please see the Course Coordinator to update the attendance sheet.

Students who are admitted against re-registration cannot carry on classes with the batch in which they were enrolled before rather they would be admitted in new batch starting as fresh.

An SMS alert should be sent to student parents/Guardian at the end of the day, so they can check the progress on daily basis, whereas portal service is also provided to ascertain the outcomes.

Attendance will be taken at the start of the class and after 10 minute the attendance register will be recalled from class by the coordinator. The student will be declared as absent after 10 minute and will not be allowed to enter in class without the permission of coordinator/ Teacher.

TOT/Test is mandatory, an amount of RS.500 fine will be imposed on students for not being present in TOT/Test.