Director Message

Abdul Hamid Khan

Primary Education is a back bone for any Nation of the world. Education at lower level in fact determines the ‘National Aspirations’ in advance to which it desires to take its younger generation. Thus the Curriculum for this level is so prepared, which fulfills the desired ‘Aims and Objectives’ for the achievement of the Ultimate Goals set by that Nation.

Alhamdo Lillah, we are Muslims. We not only desire to fulfill the obligations laid by Almighty to be obeyed but aspire to remain at par with the Developed Nations of the world in the advancement of productive skills, technical and scientific knowledge, social coherence of the society, necessary for the strength and prestige of Our Nation.

The Skans Junior School (SJS) Curriculum therefore takes care of the religious obligations, stressing upon the teachings of Islamic norms, including its customs, moral values and character building. Simultaneously, it includes the inculcation of scientific knowledge, modern technology, confidence building and presentation skills, to make the student a successful and powerful individual to face the challenges of the 21st Century.

We are proud to have qualified and experience Principal and the Faculty in SJS, as curriculum alone cannot serve the purpose unless the person who is responsible to translate the curriculum into reality knows her job. The teachers at SJS are highly responsible in following the strong curriculum and there by carrying out their daily teaching and related activities accordingly.

The Principal and the Faculty Members deserve full appreciation for the creation of a very conducive environment in the school for the attraction, educational motivation and knowledge of the students. I wish them all successes in the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge and their expertise in grooming the students as desired.

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