Learning areas at SKANS Junior School


At SKANS Junior School, we build our learning environment with the help of the following learning areas:

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication, language and literacy
  • Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Creative development

These six areas of learning and development together make up the skills, knowledge and experience appropriate for children to grow, learn and develop. On the basis of these learning areas the activities and experiences taking place inside the school are carefully planned. Experiences provided to the children and approaches taken to teach are age and level appropriate. Let’s take a sneak peak, as to how these individual areas are dealt with in the SKANS Junior School classroom.


Personal, social and emotional development:

Children must be provided with experiences and support which will help them to develop positive sense of themselves and others. At SJS we ensure support for our student’s emotional well being to help them know themselves and what they can do. Through circle time, story telling and activity based learning procedure children become interested, excited and motivated about their learning.  Value Education classes gives them a sense of their own value and the importance of good relationship with peers and friends. Activity weeks such as ‘Cleanliness Week’, ‘Reading Week’, ‘hand washing day’ and others develop their understanding of what is right and wrong and why. Sense of taking care of their own personal Hygiene and care and be independent in their self care. Children learn to respect the needs, views, cultures and beliefs of their friends and peers and other people outside the school.

Islam is given a great big importance in our campuses. Value Education classes are held to develop the lost sense of Islamic values and morals in our children. Islamite classes are held to enhance the children’s understanding of the lives of our Prophets. 99 names of Allah and Darood Sharif, Kalamas and prayer are held every morning. The day begins and ends with the word of Allah Subhanahu Talla.


Communication, Literacy and Language:

Children’s learning and competence in communicating, speaking and listening requires support.  We at SJS provide our children with the opportunity and encouragement at a very young age.

Communication Classes with toddlers are held every day in the form of ‘Circle Time’ to help them become good communicators. They learn to speak and listen not only verbally but also through facial expressions, eye contact and hand gestures. The children extend their vocabulary and experiences through poems and rhymes. These ‘circle times’ also help the students to imagine and recreate their own thinking. They learn to develop correspondence with other subjects, experiences and knowledge as the teacher integrates.

Literacy and language includes the reading, phonic blending and learning to write. We follow the famous Oxford Reading Tree as our in class readers. Different activities are planned for the readers. Phonics are taught through different experiences. From tracing in the air, tracing in the salt tray and recognition of vocabulary and beginning and ending sounds are the activities which help to strengthen language of the children.


Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy:

To understand the problem solving, reasoning and numeracy in a broad range of contexts, children are provided an environment where they can explore, enjoy, learn, practice and talk about their mathematical skills. Children are provided with opportunities such as number line mat games, counting games, picking up numbers, number cups , number recognition etc. Children then slowly develop the awareness between numbers and amounts. They then talk about shapes and concepts. They also develop their mental math skills and appropriate vocabulary.



Knowledge and Understanding of the world:

To make sense of the world the children at SJS classroom are supported to develop their knowledge and understanding. They are involved in activities that involve them to use their senses for a long lasting impression.

They learn about their country, their surrounding and how to use’ Information and Communication Technology’ in their learning. At Montessori level, we at SKANS are developing software for our toddlers to use and access the computer facilities that are provided to them in their respective campuses.



Physical development:

Physical development for our Montessori children is encouraged through a range of opportunities and activities that help them to be active and interactive, improve their coordination, control and movement. EPL and Montessori periods are held regularly under a Montessori trained teacher, who helps guide children in various areas and records her observation. Montessori equipment is provided to support these activities.




Creative Development:

Curiosity! Exploration! Play! These three words build up a creative child.  Arts and crafts activity provides an opportunity to express their imagination, ideas and feelings. They also learn and develop skills and become more confident in their expression. Music and ‘role’ play further helps to groom the little ones into fine young men and women.

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