Parents Role

Parents Role & Involvement:
We believe that parents are as much a part of the Junior School as the children. We recognise the role that parents have already played in the early education of their child and this continued involvement is crucial to successful learning. Children learn better when parents are involved.
SKANS Junior School operates an ‘open door’ policy and you are welcome to visit during school hours, by taking an appointment. The staff are available to discuss your child’s general development, provide support and information or for an informal chat!
We would ask parents for their involvement in supervising outdoor play, reading a story, helping with craft activities or by spending time just talking to the children.
It would all be much appreciated as we value your ideas and help.
Parents evenings and open days are also organised during the year. This is a further opportunity for parents to see some of the activities on offer, look through the operational plan, read your child’s written records and talk to staff about your child’s progress and achievements. However, please be assured if we have any concerns with regard to your child’s needs, progress and/or development we would let you know.

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