Our Core Values

  • Quality, Excellence & Achievement
  • Honesty, Respect & Integrity
  • Commitment & Responsibility
  • Motivate, value & allow everyone to Thrive
  • Caring, practical & secure environment
  • Challenge & Reward
  • Fun & enjoyment


  • Being the pioneers of establishing the field of Accountancy in Pakistan, SKANS felt the need to expand the vision of being one of the best International Schools of the World. To fulfill this long-anticipated dream, we embedded our vision by starting SKANS School System, a project of SKANS School of Accountancy.
  • We at SKANS have designed and developed an environment conducive for our child to learn and grow as any independent and self-directed learner. Our curriculum has been designed in a way to open doors for the changing dynamics of our society. We are a school centered around family. We value the importance of community support learning and bringing out the best academic success in each and every student.

  • SKANS commitment is to encourage every student to achieve the highest academic standard in all that they do and to serve thy nation. We have created a milieu where we challenge the learning of our students. They are taught the importance of practice, perseverance and the determination to succeed and to take our nation forward.
  • Providing education is one goal, SKANS not only strongly believes in setting high academic standards but goes further to discipline, build a sense of strong character, and enthusiasm to learn so as to give back out nation what our forefathers had promised and dreamt of.
  • SKANS is here to help your child set his own goals in education and we are committed to do everything to meet those goals. Every day we teach, every day we learn, every day we grow as an institute. Our students set their own goals in terms to see themselves in terms of their historical framing, familial legacy, social context and the global connectivity.
  • We believe change is the only thing that is constant, so therefore we are producing students who can think critically about issues of human interests, curiosity, artistry, craft, legacy and empowerment. Student who empathize, critique, protect, love, inspire, design and restore.
  • We are a school disruptive of bad cultural practices, intolerance based on race, faith, religion, color and apathy towards the environment.

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